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Suggested Activities:
1. Read a book with your child and ask "wh" questions (who, what, where, why, when, how). Have your child retell what was read in sequence.
2.  Play "Guess Who" board game or "20 questions". These games help work on asking questions and organizing relevant information to make a guess.
3. Following recipes or steps to a craft project can improve sequencing and language comprehension skills. Having your child teach a parent or sibling a recipe, rules to a game or steps to a craft project can aid in expressive language skills and sequencing.
4. Articulation practice- write words on cards or pieces of paper and scatter the cards around. Practice tossing a bean bag, small ball, rock or any other small object onto one the target cards. Practice the word you land on 3 times each or use in a phrase or sentence.
5. Online games: Articulation-
*Please email if you have questions. ----Mrs. Ashley 
*Please sign up for speech remind! Email me for the code to join! 
*Flip grid
For additional activities, please access the district's Speech and Language page HERE.

Suggested Websites

  1.  --My favorite! We use this site daily at school



  4. --this is website that celebrities read books

  5. ---you can search under speech therapy

  6.  --Create your own Madlibs

Suggested Apps

  1. Articulation Station

  2. Word Vault (from makers of home-speech-home website)

  3. Winning Words apps (there are different ones such as synonyms, antonyms, singular/plural, etc)

  4. Silly Sentences (Can be used for articulation practice and for language figuring out what is wrong in the sentence (Ex. “My parents love when I’m rude to them”—instead of “love” could be don’t like or instead of “rude” it could be sweet or nice)

  5. 60 Story Starters

  6. iAssociate 2

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